Tiltonsville Police Dept.

            Dedicated to Serving and Protecting the Residents of Tiltonsville, Ohio

   222 Grandview Ave.
   Tiltonsville, Ohio

     Phone: (740) 859-2730
      Fax: (740) 859-6464

911 is a great lifesaving tool that cuts down response time and saves lives.

Q.  When should you call 911?

A.   In the event of an emergency situaton, you should call 911 immediately if POLICE, FIRE or EMS is needed.   If you just need to speak to an officer and it is very important, then call 911 and an officer will be dispatched to your location.

Q.  Can I call 911 from a cell phone?

A.  Yes.  You may get a dispatcher in another county, but your call will be transferred and you will get the help you need.

Q.  Will I get in trouble for calling 911 if it is not an emergency?

A.   No.  As long as you have a legitimate concern for calling 911 such as the need for POLICE, FIRE or EMS.  If you call as a prank you could be prosecuted.

Q.  What kind of response time will I see from the POLICE, FIRE or EMS?

A.  Response time should be prompt.  For the POLICE, It depends on where the Officer is or if he/she is currently on another call.  For FIRE and EMS, they generally respond from their home, go to the fire department, and then respond to the call at your location.